Your Money and the Government: Less is More

As Tarrant County Tax Assessor Collector, Ron instituted systematic reforms to increase efficiency, eliminate redundancy, and return hard-earned money to taxpayers. As Representative for the 6th District, Ron will fight for comprehensive tax reform, cutting taxes for the middle class and simplifying the tax code for working Americans.

Jobs & Growth for Texans

In Congress, Ron will fight for working Texans, and will support investment and business opportunities in North Texas. Ron will push a pro-growth and pro-jobs agenda, reducing government red tape and eliminating  unnecessary regulations.

Border Security and Immigration

In Congress, Ron will fight to increase funding for border security and for the hiring and empowering of border security officers to enforce existing immigration controls.

Ron will also advocate for comprehensive immigration reform to fix our current broken system, which has allowed illegal immigration to run rampant and has failed to secure our borders from criminals and terrorists.

Defending Our Second Amendment

Since the time of the Founding Fathers, Americans have lawfully owned and used firearms for hunting, sport shooting, and defense of their families and homes. Gun ownership has been a part of Texas culture for countless generations.  In Congress, Ron will fight efforts from liberals to infringe on Texans’ right to bear arms, and will promote laws protecting responsible gun ownership for all law-abiding Americans.


We must always put our children first, they are after all our greatest asset! When it comes to education, Ron believes that local control is better than centralized bureaucracy, and that parental choice is crucial in the schooling of our children.

In Congress, Ron will back legislation that maximizes government support for education and minimizes government interference with parental rights.  Ron will fight for the autonomy of local school districts, the expansion of school vouchers, and the rights of parents to home school their children.

Protecting the Unborn and Defending our Texas Values

As an elected official, Ron has long fought against government support of Planned Parenthood, proclaiming that “Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in the United States.  I’m not going to support any organization that supports or aids Planned Parenthood in any way.  Period.”

Ron is a passionate and consistent opponent of abortion and believes we must tirelessly fight to protect the voices of the most defenseless , earning him the endorsement of Texas Right to Life.

We Must Defend Our Values

As Tarrant County Tax Assessor Collector, Ron won the praise of conservatives across Texas and the United States for including our national motto, In God We Trust, on all official correspondence.

National Defense

Ron believes that a strong national defense is the linchpin of freedom–and begins with the brave men and women of our Armed Forces.  In Congress, Ron will fight for expanded military spending to ensure our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines have the tools and support they need to protect American citizens while taking care of their own families at home.  As part of an enlarged defense budget, Ron supports modernization programs that will allow our military to meet 21st century threats, from rogue nations to non-state terrorist organizations. 

Ron, the son of a World War II veteran, will also stand up for the tens of thousands of retired U.S. service members, working as their advocate to expand and update our veterans benefits programs.